Why Choose Us? The same reasons our clients do!

What separates Feller Behavioral Health from other behavioral health care practices:

  • INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE – Our providers enjoy a true team approach to care with a strong family culture.  Everyone on the FBH treatment team contributes to our powerful two-pronged approach of providing medication management and psychotherapy of all types. Our treatment model creates a unique a “one-stop-shop” for the behavioral health care needs of our clients.
  • TRAINING AND EDUCATION – We hold weekly Clinical Staff Meetings where training is provided on the effective use of medications as well as the application of different psychotherapeutic modalities used with a variety of populations and presenting problems. Multiple perspectives and approaches to treatment harness the collective power of all team members’ education and clinical training. This unique learning environment produces clinical synergy that benefits our clients every time they meet with an FBH provider.
  • INNOVATIVE COLLABORATIVE CARE – We staff all cases in weekly Clinical Staff Meetings and partner with referring healthcare providers – yielding multidimensional perspectives and additional treatment options. With multiple perspectives, clinical curiosity, inquiry and collaboration, innovative effective treatments and interventions are always developing.
  • EVIDENCE-BASED TREATMENT/INTERVENTIONS – We use treatments backed by research, including medications, psychotherapies and other proven interventions. Additionally, we are constantly researching more effective treatments for all of the challenges our clients bring to us.

If you are looking to join a team of talented, intelligent, passionate providers dedicated to providing and promoting the exceptional quality behavioral health to the community, we’d love to talk with you.  

Training and Completion of Hours

Feller Behavioral Health provides effective clinical supervision and training for CSW therapists working to complete their hours for LSCW licensure. Successful applicants possess compassion, empathy, high integrity, ability to work independently, are team focused, seek excellence and are life-long learners. 

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