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Welcome to Feller Behavioral Health. We are an interdisciplinary behavioral health care practice committed to providing the highest quality care and treatment to everyone who comes to us with behavioral health care needs. Feller Behavioral Health (FBH) is a team of highly trained professional prescribers managing medication and licensed therapists providing psychotherapy and counseling. Our integrated approach to behavioral health care is the most effective in making correct diagnoses and proper treatment decisions. Primary health care providers make referrals to Feller Behavioral Health because we provide evidence-based treatment that is effective in helping their patients with mental and emotional health disorders and associated challenges. FBH treatment helps clients feel better, perform better in work and school and improve important relationships. Each Feller Behavioral Health provider has a specialized area of training and expertise that allows us to provide each client with the right kind of care and effective treatment. Our treatment is evidenced-based, which means that we use interventions that research has proven to be effective.

Behavioral Health Care means providing treatment and interventions for all of the following mental and emotional illnesses; psychiatric disorders; substance abuse/addictive disorders; trauma; verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse and neglect.

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Common Mental Health Treatments

Feller Behavioral Health specializes in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all common and most of the major mental health disorders. Our interdisciplinary team approach to your health care provides comprehensive and effective treatment. Learn More

Why Choose Us

Hope – Change – Health – Happiness

Whether you’re dealing with emotional issues, mental illness, the impact of trauma, stress, communication or relationship problems, it is important that you know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. We will work together with you to find solutions and equip you with the tools you need to find greater health and happiness.

Powerful New Treatment

Lifespan Integration Therapy

Lifespan Integration (LI) is a gentle body-based therapy that focuses on the mind-body system for healing. It facilitates neural integration and rapid healing in clients of all ages, and is effective with a broad range of therapeutic issues. A brief excerpt from Peggy Pace’s website is listed below. More information can be found at the Lifespan Integration website. * After LI therapy, people find themselves spontaneously reacting to current stressors in more age appropriate ways. Clients who begin LI therapy with memory gaps are eventually able to connect the pieces of their lives into a coherent whole. Clients who have completed Lifespan Integration therapy report that they feel better about life, are more self-accepting, and are better able to enjoy their intimate relationships. FBH providers are constantly developing clinical expertise using LI on trauma, anxiety, sexual abuse, relationship issues, empowerment and spiritual growth. Lifespan Integration (LI) therapy utilizes a brain-changing timeline method developed by Peggy Pace. Clients who participate in this modality experience remarkable, life-changing results with the timeline method in a consistently shorter period than traditional talk therapy. Repetitions of the timeline appear to change the way clients hold and understand emotional material. By leading them through timeline protocols, clients change their view of themselves, their relationships, and their strategies for problem-solving. LI has proven to have high success rates with many therapeutic issues including: bipolar, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and relationship concerns. Peggy Pace MA developed Lifespan Integration in 2002. Her book and method are protected by copyright.   * www.lifespanintegration.com


Dr. Kelly Feller Feller Behavioral Health Utah Therapy

Kelly Feller
Ph.D., LCSW, LI Certified Therapist

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Families

Amber Willis

Age Groups: Teens, Adults, Couples, Families

Braeden Gates MSW, CSW UT Feller Behavioral Health

Braeden Gates

Age Groups: Teens, Young Adults and Adults

Sadie Pyne

Age Groups: Young Adults and Adults

Emily Mullenax

Age Groups: Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elderly, and Couples

Jackie Coahran

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Families, and Elderly

Lori Neel

Age Groups: Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Emily Hearne

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Adults, Couples

Myken Murdock

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Jake Martinez

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Adults, Couples

Cami Horrocks

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Couples


Akelia K. Thomas

Age Groups: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults

Diane Farmer

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Marriages, Families

Polly McQuarrie

Age Groups: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults


Feller Behavioral Health Dr. Rebecca Feller Utah

Rebecca Feller

Age Groups: Age groups: Adults, Teens 16+

Brad Workman

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults

Client Care Team

Tiffany Moore
Bountiful CCT

Amanda Hamer
Billing Coordinator

Paul Smith, FACHE, CMPE
Operations Director

What Our Patients Say

Sadie Pyne is really good at understanding me, and has a way of making me really want to do better, I always felt better when I was done with our appointments. I had to stop going for awhile because of finances and insurance, but I am very happy that I will be able to get back in to her if she is not all booked up. 5 stars, easily.
K tinsdale
K tinsdale
16:39 09 Feb 21
These guys genuinely care and do amazing work! They had just the right councilor for me! Sadie Pyne! I have struggled through a few different counselors from different businesses, trying to find one that I felt clicked with me therapeutically. IHC had too few councilors, and nobody from my demographic had any openings. I ended up with someone who specialized in addiction and was 75 at least, and male. Not a bad guy, just didn’t click at all, and I have thankfully never gone through the trial of addiction. After talking to me for just a few minutes about my negative experiences and my positive ones too, they suggested Sadie and I’m so grateful. Conversation flows and therapeutic initiatives are right on the money.
Cambria Beuchert
Cambria Beuchert
03:07 03 Mar 20
I have been seeing Dr. Kelly Feller for over a year now. I came to him in a very vulnerable and broken state. With lots of work, tears and ups and downs I've never felt better! He is the best therapist I've ever had and the only one that could get me to the place I'm in now. He's very knowledgeable, friendly and really listens to you. His approach to therapy and the use of Lifespan Intergration has really helped me get through my depression, grief, anxiety, PTSD and trama. I highly recommend him and Feller Behavioral Health. They are truly amazing!
Karleen Peterson
Karleen Peterson
20:41 23 Jul 19
I’ve been with Feller Behavioral health for around 2-3 years dealing with anxiety, depression and ptsd from traumatic experiences. They are so nice and care about you. They make you do homework which I think is amazing. They make you actually APPLY what you’re being told. That way it yields faster changes. No complaints from me!
Sadie Morrow
Sadie Morrow
04:25 15 May 19
My son has been attending therapy here for a few months and I have seen a big improvement with his ADHD and anxiety. His therapist Ruth is very good to work with. She is very sympathetic and knowledgeable. She works well with my son and with me as a parent as well. My husband has seen Dr Feller and had a good experience with him. The receptionist is friendly and helpful. We always feel comfortable and at ease when we are here. We know they truly care about us and are fully invested in my son's treatment. I highly recommend them for treatment!
Suzanne Haney
Suzanne Haney
19:33 09 Oct 18
Dr. Feller is caring and he truly wants his patients to heal and find joy. He provides a comfortable setting and his approach puts his clients at ease. He keeps up with the latest research and knowledge in the field, which has been a blessing to me because he works to find the treatment I really need.
Luke Dunn
Luke Dunn
04:55 03 Sep 18
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