Family therapy helps families learn how to better understand one another, improve communication and solve problems together resulting in greater harmony in family interactions, activities and home life.  Therapy with families is effective in treating mental health issues that impact the family system, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, substance abuse, and chronic illness as well as everyday problems with communication, parenting, sibling rivalry and setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.  Other issues that family therapy can address are financial problems, marital conflict, conflict between parents and children, and the effects of job loss, divorce and remarriage.  

Change often can be more easily achieved and maintained in systems, and the family is the fundamental unit and system for all of us.  Relationships and human connection are keys to happiness and are modeled and maintained in the family.  Regardless of the size, dynamic or structure of any family, working to improve your family system can have a powerful impact on individual and collective satisfaction with life and the joy in your journey.  Families learn to respect one another, honor individual needs and differences, take responsibility and resolve conflict.  Families experience greater closeness and strength and are able to co-create positive changes that endure. 

Your therapist may recommend that you meet together as a whole family and also come individually to get a better understanding of the entire family dynamic and individual needs.  Family therapy is a vital component of successful treatment plans when working with children and adolescents in individual therapy.  

Some key components of family therapy are teaching members of the family about healthy family functioning, identifying areas for change, developing change strategies, and coaching and facilitating change amongst members.  Families are taught how to see themselves as a part of their family system and to identify ways that they can support one another and strengthen the family as a whole.