Group therapy is a shared therapeutic experience with people who are working through similar issues.  Group therapy creates a unique setting where people have their thinking and behaviors “normalized” while surrounded by others with similar experiences.  Group members receive both support and critical challenges to their thinking and behaviors while they build social skills and learn how to respectfully and effectively communicate with others.  In group therapy members become part of a small community that allows them to practice new thinking and relationship skills in a social environment.         

In group, members gain different ideas and perspectives while at the same time receiving empathy and support from others.  Because of the unique setting and group membership, group provides a powerful tool for insight, growth and change, and creates an openness for personal and interpersonal change not available in other settings.

Group Therapy has proven to be effective in treatment of depression, social anxiety disorder, traumatic stress, addictions, parenting, building self-esteem, improving social skills and communication skills.